OSP - Drupal CMS

With rapid development of Internet and the need to extend and reach for larger customer base, web presents become

de facto  a standard for many enterprises. Delivering business contents in a useful and approachable manner is one of the

top priority of many global industries. Available options and technologies for accomplishing a single task are numerous

and choosing appropriate one is often difficult. Our aim is to take middle ground and provide what would be best for

your personal needs. Drupal is leading open source CMS /Content Management Systems/

Drupal is a open source software package that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Tens of thousands of people and organizations are using Drupal to power scores of different web sites. Drupal is distributed under the GPL ("GNU General Public License") and is maintained and developed by a community of thousands of users and developers.